Toks Nnamani – I Salute

Toks Nnamani – I Salute

Toks Nnamani – I Salute

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Created by DBF Music, “I Salute” is a sincere melody borne out of a heart of appreciation to God.

He shared the amazing story behind the melody:

“Most of the songs I have written are divine answers to personal challenges and I sure do have a lot of them. Lol. This song is no exception, in fact it is top of my list of my fave responses from God.”

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“This is so as the challenge involved the life of my father or what the enemy planned as his death. The 2nd of February 2016, started like every other regular day, till I got a call informing of my dad’s incident. Several bullets to his thighs, unconscious and left to die by assassins. First thought was “no way this is happening, which of our Village people did we offend?” This was my first thought as two days before, I was involved in a ghastly motor accident where my car tumbled twice…now my dad.”

“Thankfully and to the glory of God, after many hospital visits and even more physiotherapy sessions, he did not only survive but is thriving like that incident never happened. During those times, watching my able bodied dad lie helpless was just too hard to bear. So hard to bear that in asking God questions, this song was birthed. It was God’s response to me that he would pull through as He was on our side. If it hadn’t been the Lord on our side, I don’t know…I don’t know!! Samson said “out of the eater came something sweet”. The lion that was meant to devour our lives produced this honey.”

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